Monday, February 27, 2006

From the East African Standard...
And if you thought that only women fall victim to rape, you are wrong. Some 102 male sexual violence survivors were treated at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital alone in the last three years, while 2,329 female survivors were treated at the same hospital in the same period.
I wouldn't be surprised if the figure for men is actually 4 or 5 times that.Due to the fact that anal sex in Africa is viewed as distasteful and it would be a body blow for a heterosexual African man to be sodomised.Being butt f*cked for a man would be tantamount to great humiliation due to the helplessness and pain involved, men do not handle helplessness very well.Men do not bounce back from trauma as well as women do.It is not unknown for men who have been raped to lapse into deep depression,become drug addicts,alcoholics and even commit suicide.Alot of a man's value comes from his identity and strength as a man.Take a look and you will indeed notice that the men who have lots of ego problems have the roots in issues that define them as men.This can include and is not defined to, power,height,strength, wealth and virility.So to rape a man and make him your "bitch" would be to make him feel like a lesser being.
I remember when gays began to become more open in Nairobi's night life.Friends of mine became hesitant about accepting free drinks from men in the fear that those drinks would be spiked and they would get up being ridden like a horse in a texas rodeo by a 7 foot mandingo and his 4 friends waiting in tow.Stories have been told about a young man who goes to a popular Nairobi night spot and meets a pretty girl who seems open to his attention.He gets seated next to her and they get to talking.Later on he accepts her offer to spend the night at her place.She shows him to the bedroom and he begins to address.He hears some male voices in the house but dismisses it as the affects of alcohol.It is when the door bursts open and a mob of 4 men enter the room that he knows he is in problems.Of course as the story goes the mob have their way with him with the girl filming proceedings.The girl and her crew then go ahead to leave him several thousand shillings for his trouble as they depart leaving him battered and broken.please note the authenticity of this account is yet to be established!
Another hot spot for male rape is the flyover linking Uhuru Highway and the City Centre.Thugs have been known to hide in the bushes waiting for blissfully ignorant passers by, pulling them into the bushes or even to the tunnels under the bridge and gang raping them for hours or even days on end.I can attest to the authenticity of this black spot after having met two women who were raped there.I hear the same has happened to men but there is no way they would ever come out and admit that it happened.I always remember whenever we would go clubbing with pals and would be on our way back we would always hit that bridge at 100km/h so in case the car stalled, the momentum would carry us over and then we would open the doors and run like the devil himself was chasing us!Odeon Cinema in Nairobi downtown and Ngai Ndeithya(sic) in Dagoretti (I think) are also other well known spots where rape is indiscriminate!
So the next time you hear about rape please keep it in mind that men too can be raped !
ps:I am in no way saying that all gay men are man rapists!Au contraire they are not just as not all straight men are women rapists!
pps:Like the Virgins of yore who would prefer to be burned at the stake then sully their godly honor, is the same way I will die before a man rapes me.Death before dishonor!


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